Apr 142013

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WONDERHEADS Theatre is a multi award winning physical theatre company specializing in mask performance and exquisite visual storytelling.

Death meets his match in Mrs. Fischer, a tenacious granny not ready to breathe her last. In this  full-face mask comedy from physical theatre company, Wonderheads, an aging grand-mother is pit against none other than the Grim Reaper and confronts the inevitable question: what is it to know your end is nigh? Can you ignore death? Can you escape death? Can you hit death in the face with a frying pan? A tender telling of an absurdly epic journey; one woman’s fight for survival takes fantastical fight in a showdown with Grim himself.

It is performed in full-face mask –  a wordless, whimsical form rarely seen on North American stages that audiences have described as watching a living cartoon. And like a cartoon, the power of Grim and Fischer lies in its ability to step away from the sharpness of reality and offer a different lens though which to examine a deeper, darker universal struggle: our fear of death.

In this distinct style of storytelling, with a rich sound-scape, timeless slapstick and masterful physical performances, Grim and Fischer takes its audience on a profound journey that is at turns both hilarious and heart-breaking.

September 18, 2013, The Dalles Wahtonka High School

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