Apr 282010

“THINK COLOSSAL. Then think beyond. Only then do you have an idea of the titanic amount of talent within the musical Lowe Family.” For those who have never seen the Lowe Family perform, the words of entertainment reporter Julie Kilmer seem to offer a glimpse of what they could be missing. Indeed, with over 250,000 hours of practicing, 10,000 music lessons, 50 instruments, and 25 years entertaining, the Lowe Family had earned the reputation as America’s Most Talented Family.

Through music, song, and dance, the Lowe Family shares their talents via TV, radio, and live performances throughout the world. Versatile with many instruments, the Lowes offer an amazing blend of show-stopping classical, Broadway, Irish, jazz, bluegrass, old-time favorites, spectacular dance, 6-part harmony, gospel, and more.

The Lowe Family is based in Branson, Missouri where they spend several months performing in the Lawrence Welk Theatre throughout the year. When they’re not in Branson, you might find them close to you as they tour throughout the United States with select international dates.

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