Jan 082016

Announcing The Dalles Dazzling Disco Dancers!  They will perform Friday night at the Dancing with the Gorge Stars.  Tickets are going fast.  Visit Klindt’s Booksellers or Boulder Path Designs to get yours.

The Dancers are (not in the same order as the photo below):

Mercy Iaulualo, Annabelle Tesch, Arianna Cagle, Catherine Nagamatsu, Caitlynne Wring. Sarah Winters, Nikki Allen. Riley Brewer. Moyra Dorzab. Emma Smith, Aidan Telles, Andrew Wring, Kai Nagamatsu, Chase Nagamatsu  (not in photo), Dillon Gibbons, Shano Booth, Storm Douthit, Taylor Morehouse, Julian Morehouse, Dylan Hinkley


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