Crescendo Plan of Giving


MCCCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation operated by dedicated volunteers. 
Donations in excess of the subscription cost may be tax-deductible if itemized on your tax
return (please consult your tax advisor). Recognition of your donation will be included in
our concert programs.

Thanks to generous support from our Crescendo Patrons, subscription costs are kept to a reasonable
amount so that the entire community has accessibility to quality live entertainment. In fact, to promote
live entertainment to all ages, the Family Subscription is only $10 more than two adults. Additionally,
generous Crescendo Patron support helps fund the worthwhile out-reach programs. A large subscriber
base also provides essential financial support.

Last season, pianist Kirill Gliadkovsky held a master class with 5 advanced piano students from all over
the 5 counties we serve. His personal attention to each resulted in an obvious improvement in depth and
nuance in the pieces the students performed. The inclusion of local youth in Kirill’s evening concert was
another example of his reaching out to the community.

Master Students

Master Students

Kirill Master Class

In 2014-2015 season,  Johnny B thrilled elementary and high school students in Sherman County with his
high energy program. Then students K-5 at Chenowith Elementary in The Dalles were treated to a rousing
performance by Metales M5 Mexican Brass. It was the first live performance most of them had experienced.

Johnny B

Metales M5, Mexican Brass




Remember the Cascade Quartett from Great Falls, Montana? Their outreach included two schools in the area.
Art students at the Dalles High School painted or created sculptural pieces inspired by the quartet while
they played. Their work was displayed in the lobby of Calvary Baptist for the evening concert.
The group also performed for a broader spectrum of students at Wishram WA school. They allowed students
to try out their instruments at the end.

Student creation at The Dalles High School

Student creation at The Dalles High School


Art display at Cascade Quartett concert.

2012music and art13

Wishram student tries the violin.










If you would like to sponsor one of the Outreach Programs, please contact MCCCA. Suitable program recognition will be given.

Crescendo Patron Levels

Encore            $1000 and above
Fortissimo        $500 – $999
Forte                $201 – $499
Mezzo-Forte    $101 – $200
Piano                $51 – $100
Pianissimo        $10 – $50

MCCCA appreciates your support of the arts and our community.
For more information, please contact Patti at 541.298-4352 .

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